Message from first VICE-CHANCELLOR

It is my immense pleasure and great honour that destiny has given me an opportunity to lead Murshidabad University as the first Vice-Chancellor.

Murshidabad University is the first state aided University of Murshidabad District. We all welcome everyone to Murshidabad University which is situated on the eastern bank of the river Bhagirathi in the Berhampore town in the District of Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Murshidabad District is inhabited by people of various castes, creeds, communities and ethnic groups of West Bengal. It was a long-cherished dream of a University in the District of Murshidabad by the people of this locality. With the up-gradation of the existing Krishnath College (one of the oldest and leading colleges of West Bengal, with a great heritage of 168 years) to Murshidabad University, the aspirations of the people have become a reality. Krishnath College was established in 1853 – the objective conditions were ready for foundation of a college at Berhampore, Murshidabad for imparting western education. Raja Krishnath Roy of Cossimbazar, with whose name our college has been associated was an outstanding personality. In 1841, when he was a young man of 19 and had just received his zamindary, entertained a grand idea and dream of founding a college. In his first will (January 7, 1841) he expressed his desire to found “extensive and handsome college or house of learning”. Before his tragic death he expressed his idea of expanding this college to a university. After the death of Maharaja Krishnath Roy, Maharani Swarnamoyee provided evidence of her love for education by making gift of land and money for salvaging the college from financial crises. I salute Maharani Swarnamoyee for her immense love for education.

On occasion of this marvellous moment, I want to share my excitement with all aspiring and ambitious students, respected guardians and all respected citizens and also respected Government of West Bengal and humbly appeal all to be associated with and contribute to the realization of the Vision and Mission of this newly born institution. I also take this opportunity to acknowledge the selfless services of all the people of Murshidabad whose endeavour has resulted in the establishment of this institution and achieving the present status.

As per Murshidabad University Act, 2018 which had been passed in the W.B. Legislative Assembly started it’s work as per Gazette notification of Higher Education Department, West Bengal (Notification No. 130L/OM-61L/2021 dated 04.06.2021). University will function efficiently as a teaching, training and research centre in various branches of learning and courses of study, including Humanities, Social and Basic Science, management studies and promoting advancement and dissemination of knowledge and learning and extending higher education, to meet the requirements of higher education and research in the subject and to serve the society and the nation.

First Vice-Chancellor,
Murshidabad University

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